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4.4.3 Using 4D and 4D Server for Client-Server and Stand-Alone Applications

Slicksurface is a 4D Partner4D (4th Dimension) and 4D Server are excellent tools for developing stand-alone, client-server and web solutions for small and medium sized businesses and departments in large corporations.

4D is extremely flexible and can fit into a variety of environments. It can support Windows, Macintosh and web clients. It can connect to ODBC-compliant databases and connect natively to Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and others. It also supports xml-based web services (SOAP, WSDL) which is increasily important in a "Web 2.0" environment.

Slicksurface's Technical Director, Jay Harper, one of Slicksurface's founding partners, has been working intensively with 4D since 1991. He has worked on some truly demanding projects and can handle just about any issue a 4D database application may encounter.

Selected 4D-based Projects

Jay Harper has been involved in the development of the following client-server and stand-alone 4D-based applications (for experience with 4D-based web sites, click here):

  • 2004 to present - Developed and maintain IMG2D - an image management application with an integrated e-commerce web site for selling rights managed photography and illustrations.
  • 2002 to present - Aid in the development and support of the backend database for Teletrax, a video watermarking service. The database has an extremely high number of transactions - millions every day.
  • 1996 to 2000 - Enhanced and maintained operational databases for a medical communications and journal publishing business.
  • 1995 to 1996 - Developed a substantial portion of ArtView®, a business-to-business transaction system for art galleries.

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