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2.3.1  Industry Experience:
Large Corporations

Getting things right the first time is most important when working for large businesses, given the scope of their operations and the impact that potential problems create. This need for sensitivity makes the requirements of large businesses truly challenging and unique.

Our Clients

Large Biotechnology Firm, Thousand Oaks, CA

In 2001 Slicksurface worked on a large intranet project for the Human Resources department at a large biotechnology firm in Thousand Oaks, California. The company is the world's largest biotechnology firm however it has been in existence for only 20 years. The result is a corporate culture which feels like that of a mid-sized company but has a scale of operations more typical of a large, multi-national corporation.

The application that Slicksurface worked on was a 360° performance review survey tool which collected over 40,000 surveys during a 3 week period in December. Given the size of the company's workforce, reliability and performance were of primary concern during development of this tool.

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Our past experience in developing software solutions for medical communications companies has resulted in much of our current work being funded by large, pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, ViroPharma, and Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories. In addition, Jay Harper and Dan Wong have previously worked on numerous projects for GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer, and Ortho-McNeil.

The following projects in the Slicksurface Showcase were done for pharmaceutical companies:


Prior Experience

Standard & Poor's, Platts

Prior to coming to Slicksurface, Jay Harper worked for Platts, a division of Standard & Poor's, the financial services divsion of The McGraw-Hill Companies. For more than 75 years Platts has been the leader in news and pricing data for the petroleum industry. Every day more than $1 billion of oil is traded based on prices that are published by Platts. More recently, Platts has expanded into news and pricing for the energy and metals markets.

As Technical Operations Manager, Jay was responsible for the smooth operation of the systems that were used to publish Platts news and data to newswire services such as Reuters, Comstock, and Bloomberg — a challenging role given the global, real-time nature of the business. This has given him an understanding and appreciation of the scale and intensity of such operations.