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2.3.2  Industry Experience:
Mid-Sized Companies

Slicksurface has a great deal of experience in working with mid-size companies, which are often the most exciting businesses to work with. The mid-sized business offers many of the resources of large corporations while still retaining direct control and flexibility over particular projects.

Our Clients

MediMedia USA

MediMedia is one of the world's largest providers of health care materials and services. It consists of more than 30 smaller companies spread across the globe. Prior to 2002, they were a division of Vivendi/Universal (the parent company of Universal Studios). Slicksurface has done a number of multimedia and print projects for MediMedia and its companies, one of which is shown in the Slicksurface Showcase:

SCP Commuications

SCP Communications was a medical communications company with offices in 3 states. It was involved in the publishing of professional journals, the administration of clinical trials, and the coordination of lectures and symposia for health care professionals. The diversity in the way in which these 3 core businesses were organized and run has demonstrated that different businesses types can require radically different approaches to what on first glance may appear to be similar problems.

SCP has played a special role here at Slicksurface as it was not only a client, but also a past employer for Jay Harper and Dan Wong.

During our nearly 6-year affiliation with SCP, we have had the opportunity to watch the company progress through a variety of stages that are typical for businesses of its size. We have seen stability, rapid growth, and acquisition of other businesses, and decline.

Some of our most valuable experiences were gained by being involved during the sustained, dramatic growth of SCP's meetings division (500% growth over 3.5 years). During this period, business processes were changed dramatically, which required substantial adaptation of the systems that supported the division.

The following projects related to SCP can be seen in the Slicksurface Showcase:


Prior Experience


Jay Harper was Director of Application Development at Wolf-Gordon, a premier wallcovering design and distribution company. The company is a very stable, second-generation, family-run business.

While at Wolf-Gordon, Jay was the technical lead responsible for the implementation of a sales intranet, connectivity to the corporate mainframe and enhancement of the company's primary production database application.