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2.1.9  Industry Experience:
Human Resources

There are almost as many strategies for managing a company's labor force as there are companies. As companies grow balancing the needs of the workforce against the needs of the business becomes an increasing challenge. Whether your company is considering an-off-the-shelf package or a custom solution, technology is one of the few tools to streamline your company's human resources process.

Projects for Our Clients

360° Performance Review Intranet

In 2001, Slicksurface worked on a large intranet project for the Human Resources department at the world's largest biotechnology company. The application collected over 40,000 peer-review surveys over a 3-week period for a 360° performance review process. Given the size of the company's workforce, reliability and performance were the primary concerns during development.

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Previous Experience

Justifying New Hires

Rapidly growing businesses have 2 competing problems: As business increases, if additional staff are not hired, the company will be unable to deliver on its promises. On the other hand, if too many staff members are hired, then the business may become unprofitable.

This was exactly the problem faced by the Projects Division at SCP Communications, Inc. during 1999. Sales for the division had doubled in the course of a year. Some of the division's most knowledgeable staff members had left because their workload had increased dramatically. Yet upper management was reluctant to hire new staff members, fearing cost over-runs.

Upon hearing of this problem, Jay Harper devised a deliverables database application that could show upper management precisely how many and what type of new hires were justified. Every task in the division was analyzed and put into a database. Time estimates were assigned to every task based on different circumstances. Examples of each type of project were entered, detailing how much of each type of task were needed for the project.

All of this led to the ability to predict with reasonable accuracy the precise staffing needs for any situation, actual sales for the next quarter, forcasts for the coming year, or budgeting for proposals.

Slicksurface is well-equipped to implement a similar solution for any business engaged in large-scale projects.