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2.1.6  Industry Experience:
Server Support

Although Slicksurface specializes in application and web development, these solutions depend on a broader technological environment in order to succeed. Slicksurface will work with our client's in-house server administators to ensure the success of the project. Slicksurface can also provide server-administration services to any client who is in need of such services.

Services for Our Clients

Web Hosting

Slicksurface prefers to coordinate the hosting for the externally hosted web applications on which it works. It will arrange hosting with one of the service providers it knows and trusts.

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Server Configuration & Support

For our smaller clients, Slicksurface can spec, purchase, build and deliver a working server for any project that we are involved in. We can also provide on-going server monitoring as well as on-site support for servers in the New York Metropolitan area.

For larger clients, we work with corporate server administrators to ensure that they set up server environments that are appropriate to meet the needs of the application. We can also advise clients and write appropriate documentation if they are unfamiliar with any aspect of the application's support.

Slicksurface can also provide on-site support for any 4D-based application installed in the New York Metropolitan area. This has been useful for small software firms that do not have a presence in New York City.