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2.1.3  Industry Experience:
Web Development

The people at Slicksurface have a long track record of delivering high-quality web applications using a variety of technologies.

Projects for Our Clients

360° Performance Review Intranet

In 2001 Slicksurface worked on a large intranet project for the Human Resources department at the world's largest biotechnology firm. The application collected more than 40,000 peer-review surveys over a 3-week period for a 360° performance review process.

The application was based on a 4D v6.7 (mono) and ran under Windows NT. Data were stored in Sybase and accessed using 4D ODBC.

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Carrying Saline Bags - Click To Go To SiteMDMedicalPhotography.com

Slicksurface developed MDMedicalPhotography.com to meet the needs of medical photographer Michelle Del Guercio. Like her photographs, the design of the site is striking.

Slicksurface also worked to ensure that her site appears prominently in the major search engines including Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSNBC, and AOL to maximize the return on her investment.

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Prior Experience

Sales Extranet

While employed at SCP Communcations, Inc. a medical publishing company, Jay Harper was responsible for creating an extranet used to help pharmaceutical sales reps from SmithKline Beecham and Bristol-Myers Squibb identify speakers qualified to present data on a drug used to treat type II diabetes. The extranet also tracked contact with targeted medical professionals.

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Sales Intranet

While employed at Wolf-Gordon, a wholesale wallcovering company, Jay Harper was the technical lead in the development of an intranet for the company's sales force. The extranet provided the sales force with vital, up-to-date information on their customers and the distribution of product samplebooks.

Corporate Web Site

While employed at SCP Communications, Inc., Dan Wong designed their corporate website.

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Sales Presentation and Web-Product Development

The sales force at SCP Communications, Inc., developed a strategy to create a new media product for their clients. To support this effort, Dan Wong designed the interface for their web product, a Flash-based multimedia sales presentation, as well as a striking splash site. These designs are detailed in the Slicksurface showcase:

Extranet for Product Managers

Jay Harper has developed numerous extranets for pharmaceutical product managers. These extranets allow product managers to monitor the progress of the meetings programs that are administered for them by medical communications companies. Below is a link to one of these extranets, which also can be viewed in the Slicksurface Showcase.

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