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2.2.8  Industry Experience:

All of the core team members at Slicksurface have worked in the art world in one capacity or another. Our Creative Director, Dan Wong, holds an MFA in sculpture from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art and is active in the New York art community.

Projects for Our Clients

Carrying Saline Bags - Click To Go To SiteMDMedicalPhotography.com

Slicksurface developed MDMedicalPhotography.com to meet the needs of medical photographer Michelle Del Guercio. We were careful to provide her with a site whose design distinguishes her from her larger competitors yet is scaled down enough to be affordable. Slicksurface also worked to ensure that her site appears prominently in the major search engines to maximize the return on her investment.

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Previous Experience

Cranbrook Academy of Art

While at Cranbrook, Dan Wong was the visiting-artist coordinator for the sculpture program. In this capacity he coordinated the program, inviting the esteemed guest critics, artists, and directors, while organizing their itinerary and special events related to their visits.

At the same time, Dan was the lead teaching assistant, ensuring that the department ran smoothly organizing and scheduling student and faculty critiques, meetings, and lectures.

During the summer hiatus, Dan oversaw renovations to 3 departments: Design, Sculpture, and Photography. He worked closely with other designers, architects, and artists to improve the usage of space, and he created new studios and gallery spaces.

Fred Worden Trucking, Inc.

Dan Wong was the business manager and graphic designer for a small transport company that focused on transportation and installation of fine art. He dealt directly with the clients and with issues of accounting, bookkeeping, and personnel management in a small-business setting.

Fred Worden's customers included many of the major New York museums and galleries, as well as Fortune 100 corporations, art consultants, and high-net-worth individuals. Dan's corporate identity design for Fred Worden Trucking is highlighted in the Slicksurface Showcase.

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During the period of 1995 to 1996 Jay Harper worked for Honicorp, a startup partially funded by GE Capital. Honicorp had developed a product, Artview®, an online business-to-business transaction system for art galleries.