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2.2.5  Industry Experience:

The people at Slicksurface have experience in educational settings. Whether you are in an educational institution or simply require formal training sessions as part of your project, we can assist with your needs.

Previous Experience

Hunter College and Queens College

From 1991 to 1994 Jay Harper was an adjunt lecturer in the sociology departments at Hunter College and Queens College. He taught social statistics and research methods to college juniors and seniors.

In this role he helped students learn how to structure their thinking and how to collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. He broke with generally accepted methods for teaching these courses by not stressing the calculation of statistics, but rather emphasizing an understanding of how to manage and interpret statistical output done by computers. While he taught his students the methods of proper survey design, he also taught them its limitations and helped them to explore how other forms of research can be used to affirm quantitative findings.

George Brown College

In 1994, Dan Wong was an Adjunct Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at George Brown College in Toronto, where he taught statistics. (Yes, our Creative Director also taught stats!)