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2.2.2  Industry Experience:

Few industries depend on design and technology as much as the publishing industry. Design gives what they publish its distinctive quality, technology increases the efficiency of the publishing process - both are critical to most publishers bottom line. Slicksurface is perfectly suited to meet both of these needs.

Projects For Our Clients

Article Tracking System

Prior to coming to Slicksurface, Jay Harper was responsible for the development of The Article Tracking System (ATS) for the Journals and Publishing Division of SCP Communications. ATS aids editors and administrative staff in producing articles - it tracks articles from concept through to publishing.

At the beginning of 1999 SCP acquired Cliggott Publishing. Cliggott published a number of highly regarded medical journals, including Consultant, one of the top two journals for primary care physicians. What became evident during the merger was that journals that used ATS had a backlog of articles to be published, while journals which had not yet adopted ATS, including Consultant, had a more difficult time getting articles to publish. All of the journals used the Quark Publishing System (QPS).

Slicksurface still supports ATS at Medscape, the daughter company of SCP.


Previous Experience

Real-Time, Global News And Pricing For Commodities

Prior to coming to Slicksurface, Jay Harper worked for Platts, a division of Standard & Poor's, the financial services division of The McGraw-Hill Companies. For over 75 years Platts has been the leader in news and pricing data for the petroleum industry. Every day over $1 billion of oil is traded based on prices that are published by Platts. More recently, Platts has expanded into news and pricing for the energy and metals markets.

As Technical Operations Manager, Jay was responsible for the smooth operation of the systems which were used to publish Platts news and data onto news wire services such as Reuters, Comstock and Bloomberg - a challenging role given the global, real-time nature of the business.