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2.2.6  Industry Experience:

Our backgroud in quantitative and qualitative research allows us to go beyond average technical and business understandings of applications and achieve uniquely powerful solutions.

Previous Experience

The Boston Consulting Group

Jay Harper has done contract work for The Boston Consulting Group. The assignment involved analyzing the medical records of a well known farm equipment manufacturer who was self-insured. The statistical analysis focused on patient care and drug efficacy. This analysis was used as supporting material for several drug-approval applications made to the FDA by a large pharmaceutical company.

Project Achieve = Click To Learn MoreProject Achieve, The New York Blood Center

From 1997 to 1998 Jay Harper was on the Community Advisory Board for Project Achieve - a division of The New York Blood Center which conducts HIV prevention research, including clinical trials of HIV vaccines.

Dan Wong designed the identity for Project Achieve's men's center, as well as several print ads which were used to publicize the start of a new study. This work has been highlighted in the Slicksurface Showcase.

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Safe SpaceSafe Space

During 1991 to 1993, when The Center for Children and Families opened Safe Space, a center for homeless and runaway adolescents in Times Square, Jay Harper was instrumental in setting up their data collection procedures in a way which would facilitate a rigorous quantitative analysis. He worked with the Director to formulate an intake survey which was acceptable to their clients, and programmed a custom database in which they could track the data.

In addition he spent considerable time at Safe Space interacting with the teens and generally helping out in an effort ground his quantitative findings with real-world observations.

(The Center for Children and families has since renamed its entire organization Safe Space.)

Housing Environments Research Group, CUNY

While in graduate school, Jay Harper worked with The Housing Environments Research Group, HERG, on surveys that looked at The City of New York's management of tax-foreclosed residential buildings. (HERG is part of The City University of New York's Center For Human Environments.)

Population Research Center, UT Austin

While in college Jay worked at The University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center for Teresa Sullivan, a labor force demographer, Professor of Sociology and Law, and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the University of Texas System.

Under the direction of Dr. Sullivan he wrote his honors thesis on the migration of Middle Eastern immigrants to the United States. The paper was based on 1980 Census data and was awarded "Best Undergraduate Paper" by the Southwestern Sociological Association.

Hunter College

From 1991 to 1994 Jay Harper was an Adjunt Lecturer in the Sociology departments at Hunter College. He taught social statistics and research methods to college Juniors and Seniors.

In this role he taught students how to structure their thinking, and collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. He broke with generally accepted methods for teaching these courses by not stressing the calculation of statistics, but rather an understanding of how to manage and interpret statistical output done by computers. While he taught his students the methods of proper survey design, he also taught them its limitations and how other forms of research can be used to affirm quantitative findings.

Clarke Institute of Psychiatry

From 1988 to 1990 Dan Wong was the research aide for Dr. Kurt Freund at The Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. He assisted Dr. Freund in his research with sex offenders and sexual predators using phallometrics as a diagnostic tool. Dan ran experiments and collected data on control and targeted populations. (The Clark Institute of Psychiatry is now part of The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.)