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4.1.6 "What Is Slicksurface's Experience With Flash?"

At Slicksurface we realize that there are many people you can hire to do Flash programming, but we believe our approach to Flash sets us apart.

Design + Technology

For starters, Dan Wong, who does most of our Flash programming, is both a highly skilled graphic designer and a highly competent programmer. This combination of visual and technical know-how is critically important in Flash programming today.

Keeping Our Eye on the Goal

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we haven't lost our focus. We understand that Flash is one of many tools used to create an effective web site/application. The objective is not to create a Flash-based site, but to meet a business objective. Our other team members have strong backgrounds in application development, and they understandthat the value of applications lies in their ability to meet particular needs and objectives.

An "Appropriate" Use of Flash

As you can see on this site, we are reluctant to place content in Flash. Why? Because that would defeat the objectives of the site: 1) that a user should be able to jump directly into specific content via a URL link; and 2) that search engines should be albe to red and index the content.

Most "Flash sites" are self-contained little boxes. They may be beautiful, but they're completely impractical for most purposes. At Slicksurface, we strive to integrate Flash into solutions that leverage the abilities of many technologies.

Dynamic Flash

While our use of Flash is visually stimulating, we believe that Flash should be used intelligently. Flash has the ability to load data from databases. This use of Flash is called "Dynamic Flash." (To read more about how this is done, click here.) Slicksurface's strength in data-driven applications shines when it comes to implementing Dynamic Flash solutions.


We have used Flash in the following projects:

For More Information

If you need the services of a Flash programmer and would like to speak with someone about your requirements, please contact Slicksurface at 212/740-8672 or e-mail info@slicksurface.com, or dan@slicksurface.com.