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3.3.2  Job Fair Slideshow


Topics Covered:

  • Corporate Promotional Presentations
  • Incorporating Flash with PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint-based Multimedia


Business Objectives:

At the beginning of 2002, one of our clients, MediMedia, a world-wide leader in health care materials and services, was spun off as a separate company by Vivendi/Universal (which also owns Universal Studios). On February 2, 2002 Medimedia held a job fair to find candidates to fill a variety of positions. The event attracted more than 500 potential candidates.

A self-running multimedia slide presentation was needed to explain the company to the job-fair candidates and pique their interest in working at MediMedia. Most of the content for the presentation existed in 2 PowerPoint presentations, but neither presentation conformed to the new corporate graphic-design standards.


How Objectives Were Met:

A new PowerPoint presentation was developed that drew on the content of the previous 2 presentations. The layouts for all slides were completely reworked to conform to the new corporate directives for graphic design. All graphics were cut out of the old presentations and reused.

MediMedia's new corporate logo was animated in Flash and imported into PowerPoint for the introduction (see demo below). In total, 57 slides were developed, many of which used animation to give the appearance of being more than 1 slide. The completed presentation was 25 minutes in length and included a new sound track.

The project was completed in less than 1 week.

At the job fair the presentation was projected onto 2 large screens, one at each end of the hall. The job fair was a huge success, and no technical problems were encountered on-site.


The Demo:

The completed presentation requires nearly 100MB of disk space and cannot be presented here. The demo shown below is full-size version of the animation shown at the top of this page. It will load instantly.

View Demo
(requires Flash)



From Slicksurface:

  • Dan Wong
    • Graphic design
    • Flash programming
    • PowerPoint production
  • Jay Harper
    • Graphic production

From MediMedia:

  • Cara Bufanio
    • Project management