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3.1.1  Medical Photography Web Site


See demo options...Topics Covered:

  • Web sites for small businesses
  • Artist web sites
  • Medical photography


Business Objectives:

Medical photographer Michelle Del Guercio wanted an online portfolio that would showcase her photography and possibly bring her new business. Given that she is a visual artist, it was imperative that the graphic design of the site be as visually stimulating as her photographs. After considering several design firms, she chose Slicksurface.


How Objectives Were Met:

Slicksurface worked with Michelle Del Guercio to organize the site content into distinct, presentable categories. A cutting-edge design was then developed that projected a dynamic, creative image that was appropriate to the artist.

The Demo:


Go To: MDMedicalPhotography.com

  1. Medical Instruments and Equipment
  2. Plastic Surgery
  3. Surgery
  4. Medical Professionals
  5. Patients and Pediatrics
  6. Documentary Series


Notes on the Demo:

The "demo" is the actual site in its entirety.


Technical Details:

The site is simply constructed. It has no server-side scripting and only minimal Javascript running on the browser.



From Slicksurface: